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Learning through movement with Sophie Dingemans and The Feldenkrais Method®

Welcome to my site, and thanks for visiting.

I am a Feldenkrais MethodⓇ practitioner working throughout Europe, at times as far afield as New Zealand, and specialising in working with children and babies with special needs. I also work with adults with a range of needs and interests, in both individual and group settings.

My work with children and adults is founded on principles of neural plasticity and learning to develop new abilities, perspectives and behaviour. With a basis in neuroscience, Feldenkrais Method does this by using movement to send new information to the brain. Children and adults alike learn to realise more of their potential, and are empowered to live with increasing choice and freedom in life.

Working with Children

My work with children focuses on individual Functional Integration sessions for children and babies with a wide range of needs and conditions, and individual coaching and group workshops for parents, caregivers and professionals working with children.

For me, one of the most rewarding aspects of my work is not only seeing the transformations in learning and abilities of the many children I work with, but also how this work transforms the lives of the children’s parents, families and communities.

By focusing not only on the child’s learning and development, but also on partnering with and empowering parents, caregivers and other educators or therapists, everyone involved learns to adapt their own actions and behaviours to best support a child’s learning and development. As a result the environments in which a child lives and develops can evolve over time to best support their learning and needs. My aim is to facilitate learning for everyone involved, to support a child to become as independent as possible.

You can read more about my experience here.

Working with Adults

My work with adults has included working individually and in groups with a range of specialists to refine and enhance performance including; dancers, actors, primary school teachers, and executives wishing to improve public speaking.

I work extensively with people addressing challenges such as chronic pain and tension, acute pain, rehabilitation from accidents and surgery, postural and alignment difficulties, breathing difficulties, vision problems, stress and anxiety, and people with disabilities and special needs, such as neurological conditions, cerebral palsy, brain injury and stroke.

I also work with people who want to improve their experience of life, from wishing to simply find more comfort at their desk to realising their unavowed dreams.

My approach with everyone I work with includes improving coordination, flexibility, posture and alignment, efficiency and harmony of movement, spatial awareness, and self awareness and volition in order to improve not only how one moves, but also one’s ability to think, feel and act in the world.

You can read more about me and my experience on the pages: How I Learnt to do This, and my Background.

Where I Teach

I can be found working around Europe and the Nordic countries, and at times as far afield as India and New Zealand. Please view the sidebar on this page for upcoming dates and places. You can also contact me directly for bookings and enquiries.