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Learning through movement with Sophie Dingemans and The Feldenkrais® Method

Based in the principles and practice of The Feldenkrais Method, Sophie offers a range of services to help you, your family, your group, or company learn new and more helpful ways of moving, working, and living.

The Feldenkrais method is for anyone wanting to improve the quality of his or her everyday life and experience. Based in learning to move in more effective ways it enhances communication between the brain and the body to improve how you move, think, sense, feel, and live. Learning with Feldenkrais has a wide range of applications including: rehabiltation from injury, surgery, and neurological conditions; releasing chronic and acute pain, tension and stress; improving co-ordination, posture and self-awareness; refining specialist skills; gaining confidence and improving actions and behaviour. It is based in principles of neural plasticity, learning theory, physics, engineering, and human development.

In addition to working with a range of people and their needs Sophie specialises in working with special needs children and babies, and children with learning difficulties.  She is known for the high quality and efficacy of her work. For more information see the page on Special Needs Children and Babies.

Movement Works, run by Sophie Dingemans in Paris, France offers:

● Individual and group lessons for adults and children
● Individual lessons for special needs children and babies, children with learning difficulties, and coaching for parents
● Corporate programmes for workplace well-being, performance and organisation
● Programmes for groups such as orchestras, dance and theatre companies, sports teams,
community groups and clubs

For appointments or more information contact Sophie at:
Movement Works / Sophie Dingemans / Paris, France / +33(0) /