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Public Speaking and Presentation Coaching
Tailored to your individual needs, these sessions employ a range of approaches to develop your professional efficacy in public speaking and presenting. Clients can choose to work on specific projects, such as delivering an important presentation, and more global aims and improvements, including your capacity to:

● present with ease and confidence to large and small groups and one to one
● develop presence and your abilities to connect with and engage your audience
● project your voice, articulate and speak with clarity and expression
● learn to use gesture and action to enhance your presentation and message
● improve how you act and react in live situations
● improve how you coordinate notes and multi media with grace and presence
● increase your ability to think, concentrate, and develop new ideas
● develop communication skills with groups, colleagues and associates
● enhance leadership skills
● accelerate recovery from stress and work demands, reduce pain and tension and find more comfort at your desk, allowing you to present and interact with more ease and presence

Added bonuses include feeling more relaxed, focused and energised.

“Sophie made me realise many important things that helped me dramatically improve how I present my conferences and how I facilitate groups in workshops. Her soft and effective style allowed me to discover something very new to me: we can get more with less pain if we dare to try different ways of doing things.”
Marc Raynaud, Partner – InterGénérationnel