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Born and raised in New Zealand and now based in Paris, Sophie is a certified Feldenkrais practitioner involved with movement education for over 20 years.  In addition to working with a range of people and their needs Sophie specialises in working with special needs children and is known for the high quality and efficacy of her work. She is also known for her speciality work in coaching for public speaking and presentations. With a background in theatre and dance as a writer, director, and performer, Sophie enjoys bringing a range of approaches to helping people learn and favours the idea that we learn more effectively when we enjoy ourselves.

Sophie’s four-year Feldenkrais training took place in Wellington, New Zealand, where she worked as a Feldenkrais practitioner before relocating to Paris in 2011. In addition Sophie has done extensive post-graduate training for working with children with special needs and learning difficulties, including becoming a certified practitioner of the Jeremy Krauss Approach for Special Needs Children and Child Development and Advanced Training for Feldenkrais Practitioners with Theory and Techniques from Anat Baniel Method (sm) for Children, taught by Nancy Aberle. She holds a Masters degree in Theatre Studies (First Class) from the University of Auckland, has been recognised for her original theatre work, served on the executive board of the New Zealand Feldenkrais Guild, and is known for her thoughtful and often humorous approach to learning.  She is particularly inspired by the potential of the method to help not only individuals, but also their families and communities.


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