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“My experience with Sophie’s teaching of Feldenkrais changed how I connect with the world. I felt enlightened. I became so much more aware of my body, which changed how I moved and sang and enabled me to be freer, more confident and happy. “
Sophie Burbery,  Singer and songwriter

“Feldenkrais helped transform the way I look at everyday movement. It raised my awareness and offered alternatives that created greater ease. Sophie facilitated the classes with grace and humour.”
Emily, Post office employee

“Sophie’s Feldenkrais class gave me the confidence that despite minor knee and shoulder injuries my body can still function well. As an older woman I see the practice as being one for all ages.”
Rose Beauchamp, Pianist and performer

“I first experienced Feldenkrais when I took a series of classes with Sophie Dingemans. An old friend invited me along and after one class I invited another friend, because I felt so good as a result and knew my friend would benefit too. As I lay on the floor with the class and Sophie requested us to lift one leg, but not too far, I thought this was my sort of exercise. I loved the gentle approach of Feldenkrais and the immediate benefits – usually a sense of strength along with improved posture and flexibility. I love getting out of bed fluidly and without strain and in a stronger place to face the day.
The classes were always enjoyable because of Sophie’s care, thorough preparation and good humour.
I also enjoyed one-to-one sessions with Sophie which made wonderful improvements in my posture, taught me little skills like standing from sitting without strain and encouraged me to take all my family to see Sophie too! The unexpected gift from both the classes and one-to-one sessions was the marvellous sense of empowerment I took away. I am very grateful to Sophie and to Moshe Feldenkrais for sharing their knowledge so generously and so well.”
Darien Mahony, Lawyer, Mother, Massage Therapist

“Our protagonist is Sophie D. She’ll help your backs into nice bony stacks and give you options beyond slouchy C!“
Matt, Software developer

“I remember clearly my first class. As a teacher and movement facilitator Sophie clearly and softly outlined the fundamental principles of the method and articulately conducted the class with ease and grace. I had only just begun to read a few books by Moshe Feldenkrais at that point and having a keen interest in his work, for me, Sophie’s class and facilitation was the perfect introduction to his philosophy and practice. This class I remember well and this routine is still a point of study for me at the moment in my own investigation into movement, attitudes and awareness.”
Isaac Smith, Foreign music instructor at Musicmatters, Sri Lanka.

“This was my first experience of Feldenkrais and one that I highly recommend. Sophie began each class with a topic and guided us through an exploration of how we initiate and execute a sequence of movements by habit, offering us alternative pathways that always involved less effort.
Her teaching method allowed us the time to notice how we move and to notice how moving in another way works better for our body. This was invaluable. I also had great sleep each night of her class, as my workday tense muscles had been well stretched into a relaxed state.”
Ruth, Project Co-ordinator

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