Movement - Works | How is the Feldenkrais Method taught?

How is the Feldenkrais Method taught?

Feldenkrais is taught via two key modalities described below. Sophie adapts these processes to your specific needs.

Group lessons – Awareness Through Movement® (ATM)

You are verbally led through a series of exploratory movement sequences, usually done lying or sitting. The sequences are designed to help you become more aware of your movement habits and discover new and more helpful patterns of behaviour. You move at your own pace and within your own comfortable range of motion.

There is a huge variety of lessons, from simple to complex, minimal to dynamic. Comfort, ease, and quality of movement are the main criteria for developing greater awareness and choice around what you do and how you do it.

Individual lessons – Functional Integration® (FI)

These one-on-one lessons are designed to meet your specific needs. The practitioner moves you in gentle, non-invasive ways, usually while you are lying or sitting. You have the benefit of their insight to discover deep-seated habits that may be hard to perceive for yourself in a group situation.

Like group lessons, these tailored sessions help you improve how you move, think, feel, sense, and act. Again, comfort, ease, and quality of movement are key. In addition, a deeply satisfying sense of relaxation emerges – something many of us need and enjoy!