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Clear explanations of Feldenkrais

Felden-what? Introducing the Method to a Stranger
By Larry Goldfarb
A great example of how to explain the method at a dinner party in an accessible, engaging and enjoyably conversation.

Feldenkrais – Everything you ‘know’ about healing might be dead wrong
By Michael Sigman for The Huffington Post
Entertaining and informative: a great introduction from a beginner on the method’s unique approach to learning.

An Overview of the Feldenkrais method
By Ralph Strauch
A comprehensive overview of the method.

Learning how to learn – An overview of the Feldenkrais Method
By Dennis Leri
A more in-depth overview of the method – details how Moshe Feldenkrais came to develop the method and expands on the fundamental principles.

New hope for aching, creaky, yuppy bodies
By Dr Norman Doidge MD, for the National Post.
A brief overview of the method by the author of The Brain that Changes Itself.