Movement - Works | What is the Feldenkrais method?

What Is The Feldenkrais Method?

Developed over 40 years of research by Israeli scientist Dr. Moshe Feldenkrais, this revolutionary method accesses the brain’s innate capacity for learning – and for increasing human potential at any age. It uses movement to improve the functioning of the body and brain and brings us back to our natural harmonious way of functioning. It is based on principles of neurobiology, physics, engineering, learning, and human development and can help anyone who wishes to refine physical and mental performance, and improve quality of life.

How does the Feldenkrais Method work?

In the course of our lives, and for a range of reasons, certain physical, emotional and psychological patterns become habitual, or fixed in the brain. These habits become problematic or limiting when they come to over-ride or inhibit easier, more comfortable and effective ways of functioning.

Feldenkrais helps your brain interrupt these habitual patterns by exploring and learning new and varied ways of moving. This process reminds your brain, muscles and nervous system of easier options and helps you learn new ones. By learning to create more choice for yourself in how you move you can literally learn to move beyond your limitations.

The lessons also develop greater awareness of how your body and movement habits influence everything you do, and vice versa: that your body-image includes thoughts and feelings and together they form an integrated whole, a self-image. As a result, many people find that learning to improve how they move facilitates improvement in everything they do, including their ability to think, respond, sense, and act in the world.