How is Feldenkrais taught?

Feldenkrais is taught via two key modalities, individual sessions called Functional Integration® lessons and group classes called Awareness Through Movement®. These group classes also form the basis of longer workshops where particular themes can be studied more in depth

Awareness Through Movement® (ATM)
group lessons and workshops

Learning to move in new, unobstructed ways as you are verbally led through a series of exploratory movement sequences, usually done lying or sitting. The sequences are designed to help you become more aware of your movement habits and discover new and more helpful patterns of movement and behaviour. You move at your own pace and within your own comfortable range of motion.

Each class is an exploration of some aspect of functioning. For instance, we might explore:

  • how you breathe
  • how you coordinate the movements of your eyes, head and pelvis and spine
  • how to organise your actions to gain better support through your skeleton
  • how you can move with grace, ease and efficiency
  • or any one of literally hundreds of available functional explorations

There is a huge variety of lessons, from simple to complex, minimal to dynamic. Comfort, ease, and quality of movement are the main criteria for developing greater awareness and choice around what you do and how you do it.

Functional Integration® (FI)
individual sessions

These individual lessons are highly personalised, focused on your unique needs and wants. We explore how you can develop and internalise the functional movement patterns that will help you improve. I use gentle, non-invasive touch and movement and ways of directing attention to help you:

  • learn to move with greater ease
  • enjoy possibilities for comfort, grace, and potent movement you didn’t realise you had
  • expand your knowledge and awareness of how your body works
  • gain greater awareness and understanding of your actions

I help you notice what you do as you initiate movement, how you maintain patterns of movement that restrict you, and then give you new more functional patterns to explore and integrate. The new, more efficient patterns of movement you learn will serve you significantly better than what you lived with before. I then give you additional practices that will foster the integration of your new learning into your daily life.