Feldenkrais For Everybody

Since moving forms the basis of everything we do, improving how we move can improve all areas of our lives, including our ability to think, feel and act in the world

Feldenkrais is helping many people in many ways

Designed to improve our fundamental sensory-motor functioning, no matter what one’s current abilities or challenges are, Feldenkrais Method has a wide range of potential applications for rehabilitation, wellbeing, performance enhancement and creative thinking. Read on to find out more about how I can help you. 

Rehabilitation & Recovery

Through the method's emphasis on learning our way out of difficulty, I am supporting people to recover from:

• chronic pain and tension, injury, accidents and surgery
• stress, anxiety and trauma
• pelvic floor rehabilitation for women and men
• preparation and recovery for pregnancy and childbirth
• postural and alignment difficulties
• breathing difficulties, vision problems, perception difficulties
• people living with disabilities and special needs, such as neurological conditions, cerebral palsy, brain injury and stroke recovery

Wellbeing & Self Development

Engaging in this process of continual learning can enhance wellbeing and support self-development through:

• injury prevention
• finding more comfort and ease in day to day activities such as working at your desk, housework and exercise
• moving with more comfort, stability and mobility as we age
• feeling more powerful, connected and harmonious in your movements and behaviour
• feeling more grounded and centred
• developing self-awareness and increasing choices in your actions and behaviour
• recovering more quickly from stress and developing resilience

Performance enhancement

Since the method improves performance of everything we do, my practice is attracting:

• dancers, musicians, actors, singers, directors and choreographers
• martial artists, yogis, athletes, sports players, sports coaches and fitness instructors
• runners, hikers, walkers and swimmers
• people engaged in exploring movement and function including osteopaths, BMC practitioners, cranial-sacral therapists, massage therapists, Yoga teachers, Pilates teachers
• those simply wishing to improve their performance and confidence in life

Creative thinking

A range of professionals are benefiting from working with me to aid their creative thinking and resilience:

• psychotherapists and psychologists; kindergarten and school teachers;
• higher education teachers and academic researchers; education reformers
• people in positions of leadership
• people working in the creative industries and innovative fields
• leaders for social justice and change
• entrepreneurs and industry and business leaders
• philosophers; social workers; social activists