Creating change

The Feldenkrais Method has a practical basis designed to improve our fundamental sensory-motor functioning, no matter what one’s current abilities or challenges are.

I work with adults and children in both individual and group settings, addressing concerns from chronic pain and tension, stress and anxiety, injury recovery and prevention, and neurological difficulties, to high performance improvement and transformative self-development. 

I offer individual private sessions, group classes and workshops. I have extensive experience and have helped many people learn to live more comfortably and fully.

Learning to move to learn to improve

With a basis in neuroscience, Feldenkrais method does this by using movement to send new information to the brain and nervous system. This process restores or creates new neural connections, improves sensory-motor functioning and creates new possibilities for perception and movement.

Since moving forms the basis of everything we do – from breathing, sensing and perceiving to daily activities and high performance practices – improving how we move can also improve all areas of our lives, including our ability to think, feel and act in the world. Children and adults alike learn to realise more of their potential, and are empowered to live with increasing choice and freedom in life. 

Age of Anxiety

More recently my practice has also focused on helping both adults and children dealing with anxiety, empowering them to develop and restore their sense of inner composure.  It could be said that we now live in the age of anxiety, where the transformative potential of Feldenkrais Method is needed more than ever.

Read more about the method and how it works here.

Feldenkrais helps transform the way I look at everyday movement. It raises my awareness and offers alternatives that create greater ease. Sophie facilitates the sessions with grace and humour.

EmilyPost office employee

Sophie's Feldenkrais classes give me the confidence that despite minor knee and shoulder injuries my body can still function well. As an older woman I see the practice as being one for all ages

Rose BeauchampPianist and performer

I love the gentle approach of Feldenkrais and the immediate benefits, usually a sense of strength along with improved posture and flexibility

Darien MahonyLawyer ,Mother, Massage Therapist

Sophie's teaching changes how I connect with the world. I feel freer, more confident and happy.

Sophie BurberySinger and songwriter

Sophie's teaching method allows us the time to notice how we move and to notice how moving in another way works better for our body

RuthProject Co-ordinator

Sophie's soft and effective work helps how I present my conferences and how I facilitate groups in workshops. Through it I discovered that we can get more with less pain if we dare to try different ways of doing things

Marc RaynaudPartner – InterGénérationnel

Key Benefits of the Method

  • improve posture, breathing, flexibility, coordination, awareness and perception
  • change movement habits that create pain, tension and difficulties
  • learn new abilities
  • refine performance skills, enhance what you already do well, and develop what you want to do
  • reduce stress and anxiety
  • improve strength, stability, mobility and balance
  • enhance self-awareness, self-image and personal well-being
  • increase choices in your actions and behaviour
  • develop more flexible thinking and new perspectives