For Practitioners

Supporting and empowering practitioners in our transformative work for children and their families

Mentoring and Supervision

I offer mentoring and supervision sessions for practitioners working in the lineage of Dr Moshe Feldenkrais, who wish to learn more about and develop working with babies and children. 

I have helped many practitioners to significantly improve and develop their work with children, and empowered those who wish to start, including Feldenkrais Method, ABM, MBS, JKA and Child’Space practitioners working with children.

My wish is to empower and support as many practitioners as possible in this work, so that more children may benefit from the skills we have to help them.  

Overcoming challenges

Part of our work with children is to help them to overcome challenges. At the same time, working with children can present practitioners with many new challenges that are very different to working with adults. Practitioners often have new questions and situations to consider.

Relevant themes covered in mentoring and supervision sessions can include, but are not limited to:

  • working with a child’s motivations and intentions in relationship to the environment
  • working with challenging behaviour and emotions
  • working with involuntary movements, spasticity or low muscle tone
  • working with very active or very passive children
  • how to build trust and connection
  • learning new hands on techniques and refining observation skills
  • understanding developmental movement progressions and qualities
  • how to partner with and empower parents
  • how to clearly communicate relevant ideas with parents and other professionals
  • how to work with the family and community system to best support a child’s learning

Tailor made sessions

The content of the sessions is determined by the individual needs of the practitioner or group. They can be based on specific questions you may have about a child or children you work with, general questions, or simply your curiosity and desire to learn and develop your potential for this work. 

These sessions are available for individuals and small groups, in person or via video call. Or as in person workshops for larger groups. You can read testimonials from practitioners I have worked with here

How to proceed

Send me an email with a brief description of your needs as a practitioner. We can then organise for a free 20 minute video consultation so we can get a sense of how I might be able to support you. If you find that helpful then I offer 60 minute consultations in person or online. For small groups I can also offer longer in person or online sessions. For workshops, please contact me to talk through possibilities.

Testimonials from practitioners who I’ve coached
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